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I have been trying to make a folding knife model in Freecad.
The attempt is mostly successful, except some minor details, that I can't get right.

One of such details is a bevel on the blade.
On a typical best folding knife, a bevel starts from the middle of the blade and goes down to a cutting edge  see the "typical best foding knife" fig. attached .
I can't reproduce such effect in my model.
The Draft tool from the Part Design should do the work, but I need to add some extra edges on the blade faces to get more precise control on the region to draft (see "knife_blade_draft_pic" to get idea of what I mean . This is probably some basic stuff, but I don't know how to do it. 

Or, maybe, there is a better way to achieve the necessary result?
Can you give some advice on 

images (5).jpg

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